Šibenik excels among all Croatian towns at the Adriatic coast by its unique location in a picturesque and large bay, at the mouth of the Krka. Created initially as a castrum, a fortification or a campus, beneath the St. Michael’s Fortress that still dominates the town, Šibenik was mentioned for the first time in 1606, in a document issued by the most important of Croatian rulers - the king, Petar Krešimir IV. Šibenik obtained its status of a town in 1298, when the Diocese of Šibenik was established.


A view of Šibenik reveals the unique harmony of urban poetics of the town and its natural surroundings. The harbor, connected with the open sea by the St. Anthony Strait, has been the initiator of development of sailing, trading and the overall economic prosperity of the town for centuries. At the entrance into the straight, there is the fortress of St. Nicholas, the most important renaissance fortress at the eastern coast of the Adriatic.

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