Big Game Fishing

If you feel desire for adrenaline and fight, then we have a solution for you: Big Game Fishing in Croatia!

It’s a memorable event, fully equipped fishing boats, a beautiful dark blue Adriatic sea as well as the long hours of outwitting the tuna, sharks, toothfish, swordfish, amberjack etc, will deep mark in your memory.

This type of fishing in Croatia tends to catch the big fish which requires great physical and mental effort; April and May are the months which are the most suitable for this kind of Big Game fishing in Croatia.

The unique locations on the Adriatic, carefully selected by two experienced Croatian Big Game Fishing hunters, guarantee a safe catch.
The view at the Kornati archipelago or at the open sea is an experience which leave you breathless, and when we spice it with adrenaline, extreme pleasure is guaranteed.


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